Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do You Know Any Other Circumstances of Your Birth?

(who was present, who delivered, etc.)?

My mom really adored her doctor, although he didn't have the best bedside manner (he was really old school). About a year before he had been the on call physician when she had a still birth. She had also had multiple miscarriages and the new doctor (who "happened" to be on call) helped her figure out what was causing them and really examined what her former doctor had dismissed. So, he was there.

My dad wasn't in the room. She said it really wasn't a big deal back then, but she is SO modest, I don't think she'd want him in the room if it was today.

One really funny thing, she has told me several times is that as they were "wheeling her back" to have me, she saw the tv on and said "Darn (or some variation) I'm going to miss Johnny Carson tonight". Ha, I like to think I was worth it!

P.S. The earliest pictures of me are when I was already home. My mom says newborns are just not pretty (I mean I was to her, of course) and that she didn't want to take any until they got home. I really didn't think we'd take pictures of Ann Peyton RIGHT after her birth, either (I knew we'd take them in the hospital, just after she was clean). But the nurses told Peyton to grab his camera, and he minded them! I'm glad we have those pictures, now, but I wouldn't want to show them off to anybody else!

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