Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tell Any Other Nickname in Your Family

Wow, this could take ALL day. Nicknames are like drugs in our family! Let's see...

- Honey Bear (everyone in our immediate family has a bear name; I'm Little Bear)
- Hungry Bear (this is used interchangably with "Honey Bear" around meal times; I kind of growl it when I say it!)
- Sweetie
- Sweetsie
- Sweetie Kabottoms
- Sweetie Von Sweetsenburg (everyone needs a German pet name)
- EnviroSweetie (regarding his passion for helping the Earth)

Ann Peyton:
- Annie
- Annie Banani
- AP
- Baby Bear (for awhile, we named everyone in our immediate family "(something) bear"; see above)
- Baby Bird (my dad came up with this one)
- Babykins
- BunBun
- Itty Bitty/Bitty Baby (Peyton's techs used to call her Itty Bitty (or any variation like "Itsy Bitsy") and when she was born we held her up to my sisters American Girl Doll Bitty Baby and she was littler than it. Whenever I refer to newborn Ann Peyton I call her my Bitty Baby (e.g. "I love my growing girl, but I miss my Bitty Baby"))
- The Annie Baby/An Annie Baby

Grandparent Names:
my mom = Minnie
my dad = Mickey
Peyton's mom = DeDe
Peyton's dad = Grandpa Randy

- My sister (whose real name is Ann Whitten) basically goes by "Cookie" within our family
- Peyton calls his youngest brother, Joseph, "Joser"
- My maternal grandmother, who I was SUPER close to chose "Bump" as her grandmother name. Her own daddy used to call her that when she was a little girl, because she'd run by and bump his leg when he had them crossed reading the newspaper.

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